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Peak Pilates Fit Reformer Machine

$2595.00 (USD)

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Imagine you’ve bought a brand new reformer. It’s shiny, it’s sleek and it’s sure to elevate your exercise experience to a whole new level.

However, you’ve neglected to consider the factor of space in your purchase, and you discover your studio ceiling is sadly too low.

What do you do? The only option it seems after such an investment, is to move, to alter your routine, to compromise.

Want to reach your Pilates ‘Peak’ without any compromise? Then there is a Peak Pilates reformer for sale that is perfect for you.

Like the Peak Pilates fit reformer, perfect for any Pilates enthusiast who wants to enhance their exercise experience without compromising on the height of their studio, fitness center or home.

Engineered by Peak Pilates to bolster exceptional performance whilst providing ultimate comfort, safety and support, every aspect of the Peak Pilates machine has been designed under the watchful and meticulous eye of Pilates experts.
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