Is POE in 2020 worth the players' energy and time to fight

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Many people who have not joined POE so far have asked whether POE in 2020 is worth the effort and time for players to fight. The POE players collectively answered this question with actions. So far this year, GGG has released three leagues with brilliant success. The release of each league will attract thousands of people to join the game. From the game popularity rankings on Steam, we can see how popular POE is. And players are still stocking an enormous amount of POE Currency to prepare for the upcoming events.

Some people have been wondering why POE has been able to maintain such a strong development momentum. It benefits from the innovative spirit of the game team. It is precisely because of this that it can continue to attract people to become members of the exile. So far, it has derived many distinctive mechanisms and functions. Players need to recreate a character every time they enter to keep the new league fresh.

Take the POE Heist league just released by GGG as an example. After three months of development, the game has added systems, challenges, and loot types. After each featured league, it will transfer players to the standard league. The POE Currency and POE Orbs they previously got can also continue to be used. Then, developers may or may not add new league mechanics to the core game. Grinding Gear Games adds a lengthy expansion every two years. The last one adds four new actions to the game, while the next one is offering POE 2.

One of the biggest POE expansions is that GGG added games to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year. When Heist released, they also released the new POE league for mac. This also further expands the number of players. Their demand for POE Items is increasing. Players can Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to support their game activities.

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