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Imagine your professor assigns you a topic to legit essay writing service on, let’s assume, it is one of Shakespeare’s novels. A number of questions will arise in your mind: “what is a precis”, “how to start”, and “what to write in it?” Don’t frustrate yourself. We are going to provide a beginner’s guide on how to write a precis.

First of all, you need to understand the definition of precis. A precis is a text summary that contains key points of an original text. It comprises of the mood and tone of the original text of the author whose work you are writing a precis on. You just have to sum up the ideas and core of the text. Here are some simple tips to familiarize yourself with cheap essay writing service.

  • Carefully read the entire article or passage.
  • Note down important points of that article.
  • Examine what the author is trying to communicate.
  • Evaluate the number of claims and evidence that are presented by the author.
  • Identify the thesis statement of the original work and restate it in your own words.
  • You have to provide the gist of each section of the original work.
  • Re-read your work to evaluate its resemblance to the original work.
  • Review original work to check whether your precis contains all the important points or not.
  • Proofread your document to avoid any grammatical or punctuation errors.

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Features of an Impressive Precis

  • It is necessary to provide a precise and clear text.
  • You are not supposed to take sentences from the original texts.
  • You should utilize your own wording to write a precis.
  • It should not be a paraphrased version, but a summary of the original text.
  • It should only convey important information.
  • It should be well connected.
  • You should write it in a logical order.
  • Avoid taking information from other sources.
  • It must have a title.

In addition to this, here’s a list of the dos and don’ts for your precis.

Do’s in a Precis

  • You have to highlight the main idea of the original text at the beginning of your precis.
  • After highlighting the main idea, you can present facts, points, and methods of the original text.
  • Preserve the central essence of the work.
  • Compress a lengthy passage by collecting important data.
  • State the purpose of the piece of writing

Don’ts in a Precis

  • Do not criticize the original work.
  • Do not include additional data from an outside source.
  • Do not express your own remark or opinion.
  • Do not use contractions.
  • Avoid using abbreviations
  • Do not add any question
  • Do not be impolite.
  • Prevent your work from being complicated.
  • Do not use the first person.
  • Avoid using any misleading information.

It’s too easy, right? Always remember that a good precis is written in your own mood and words. Try to present each sentence in a different way to make the words counter for essays it more appealing. It is strongly prohibited to use first-person pronouns in your precis. You have to ensure that your precis is written in the third person.

If you follow these points and tips, then you are more likely to construct an impressive precis. Don’t forget to proofread your precise once you are done. It is highly recommended to check your precis for grammatical errors and typos. Review your precis to ensure that it contains all the important points from the original text. You can even ask your friends or family members to review your precis for you. It will help you to get additional feedback on your work. 

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