I suggest that you benefit from Runescape updates

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For investing, I suggest that you benefit from Runescape updates. This is one of RS gold the easiest ways to start off. For instance, with the introduction of the QBD, or new drops from KBD you can expect antifire potions to rise so you should purchase lots of those. For participant owned ports you may want to purchase planks because players may want to train structure. For the brand new ranged-slayer dungeon coming up you may put money into arrows or bolts. These are just examples of how you can make the most of those updates.

Reading charts comes after a bit of experience. Knowing when the ideal time to buy an item and then when to sell it later may sound like common sense, but to optimize proftis it may take quite a few tries to understand how to do accurately. Purchasing is one of the main ways that I earn money, personally. It may be risky if you let it be, but for the most part the risky investments may be the ones you make the maximum profit from. And yes it works!

Honestly the main reason I'd return is because I have an account with the name"Scaper"... Also because I'm going to be really bored very soon and I would give it a spin simply to see all of you lovelies back again. Alright, so: 1) Training melee in f2p: Where to do it? I hear deadly red spiders are great? I'd be training... *gasp* defense. And assault, likely. Can not be bothered to train strength till I'm p2p using a chaotic maul, I think. 2) What kind of equipment would we be speaking here? Rune 2h? With full adamant, I assume (since I kind of have 42 shield... in fact, to recalibrate for those who are not aware, my stats are: 78 (or is it 80...) assault. 96 (I believe...) strength. 42 defense. 90? hp. 99 range. 96? Magical.74 prayer. Yeah I am bad at this whole"understanding my own stats" thing. 3) Is range a workable way to train defense today, or can it a terrible manner? . 4) In fact, can someone just outline exactly how the EoC functions? 5) Is"afk" or"minimal attention" training nevertheless possible (but not particularly efficient, I know), or do I have to use abilities just to attack in any way?

Fundamentally, now all"special attacks" are removed (which is why several things crashed. Eg; Now rune extended has the very same stats as rune sword. Just dif is your atk style (slash vs stab) 2handed weps have 150% dmg of 1h weps. 1handed weps finally have an"off hand" variant, which allows u"dual weild" two weps at one time. Armour is tiered, all lvl50 armour have same stats. Tier50 armour; rune, batwing, blue dhide. All of them have same stats.

Only different classes, therefore a person ranging a man in rune is going to have exactly the same dps as a guy meleeing a mage. Alot of things got nerfed/buffed. Deadly red spiders gave over 200k xp/h at p2p at 90+cmb stats. Now its nerfed. It requires ability, timing, precision, reflexes, prediction and plan. A guy in bronze who knows what he is doing could out match a man in rune who doesnt have a clue. . Longbows are at present sheild bows. . (poorer, but supplies def and old school runescape gold hp) All armour currently gives an hp bonus.


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