Crazy 21 chain store upgrade timing is not ideal

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The first batch of updates to the "Madden 21" franchise model will be released on Thursday, November 12, but when they arrive, don't expect the community to cheer for them. It's not that they don't welcome the three-part plan to improve the model. Just because of the Madden 21 Coins and depth of the first update makes it all vulnerable at this time.

The entire update includes some additions that increase the sense of immersion, such as playoff screens, increased status tracking, and the biggest feature to assign X-element functions to players in your franchise model. The reason for these updates is incredible because most of the major issues with this model have not been resolved. These are related to lack of customization options and lack of/stale representation.

I said for several weeks that after the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag pushed them to make improvements in the model, it is unrealistic to expect EA to produce any breakthroughs so quickly. EA seems to be working to make Madden and FIFA a real-time service, rather than a physical release annually, which may help make more meaningful updates more feasible.

According to EA, the second update is coming soon, but it will have to wait until January. One third is also coming, but there is no conclusion yet. You may hope it will be closer to the 2021 NFL Draft, and it may focus on improving the Buy Madden 21 Coins part, which is also very lacking. It is very bad that the first update will not appear until a few days before the tenth week of the real NFL season. The second game will be held during the NFL playoffs, and the third and final game will start when most fans have established a desire to improve the Madden 22 model iteration.


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