Commission Hero Review {Commission Hero Scam Or Legit}

i will show you the honest review inside the commission hero clickbank product


One, its Daniel here and welcome to my commission hero review. So here is my review, guys, about this new product that is making a lot of buzz in the affiliate marketing industry, Internet marketing world because it's talI king about Facebook ads and click bank affiliate marketing. So what are you doing? In this article I'll show you what's inside this product called Commission Hero. And because I do recommend that these products is something that I can recommend, So now i will show you what's inside the members area of commission hero?

As you can see right here

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So you can see what's inside, So a lot of this part of is heavily being advertised in in Facebook ads and. This is one of the landing base that they use. OK. This is one of the lending pages that they use to get people into the webinar.

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 this guy right there in the video (Roby Blanchard).He's the number one on clickbank affiliate in the world. You will see here that in January of 2019, clickbank run an affiliate contests and this guy, Roby, is the number one


Affiliate who earned the most commissions last January. OK, so. as Number one, clickbank leaderboard, it shows This is legit, This is legit information. So now if you back to the to this Registration page for the webinar. He also showed some of his stats, like some of these screenshots.


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Right. And in the screenshots, he's saying that he's making about one hundred fifty three to two hundred thousand dollars per week. Okay. In gross sales day, which is phenomenal. Now, you can  watch the webinar video below

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So he showed live that he's making anywhere between 30000 to fifty thousand dollars per day. So I get curious because I mean, I'm also a clickbank affiliate. And I also do a lot of Facebook advertising, but I haven't reach this point. Right. So I'm curious. So what I did was I registered to the webinar. So if you want to try this, you can register and watch the webinar too. And then right after the webinar, basically, there's a pitch, Obviously. Normally there must be a pitch after the webinar. So the pitch is very surprised that you have to pay to get into the commission hero to be able to enter into the member's area.

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It's a membership site. Now, this is the page where you can get more information. And he's talking about how he can teach you to make 1000 dollars per day. Wth clickBank and the affiliate marketing school. Now, the cost for commission hero is there is a one time payment for you to access the commission hero program. The payment is either you pay the $997 one time payment and you can get the full access or you can also go to the payment option or the two payments of five ninety seven. So those are the two options that you need to consider. then what happens when you sign up with permission hero. This is the part where. You will be able to go into the member's area as you see the image above. So I paid for the membership. so I paid for this because I want to see what's inside the commission hero and see if I can show you this product and I can recommend this to you guys. And, so that i can not give an unbiased review of this particular product.

 after the payment logging into a member's area. the first video is a welcome message from Roby. in this welcome messages. he welcomes you and give you a thank you message for enrolling in commission hero. Then if you go to the getting started, into getting started. Campaign. He talks about what This affiliate marketing. The ad accounts league finals, which is the software that we use for the landing pages. It talks about Greek bank and he also talks about one of another affiliate network, which is called Max Webb. So this is just the getting started section. Now, So this is how it works, Now, it's another video. And he also gives away the lunch checklist.

So in another video. when you watch the video and some of the videos, there is also downloadable like BGF and checklists. So in that way, he makes sure that whatever he says on the video, you will be able to implement those steps because you have these triplets. so that's how it works. Now, if we get to the next step, which is choosing the right offers. So in this particular video, he talks about how you can go and choose the right offer. he talks about how to choose offer on clickbank, how to choose that offer on Maxweb, which is another network, how to choose the right offer on a for a deal

And then he gave three case studies right there. So we have the offers. he shows one of the offers that he's promoting, which is the easy battery. And then he also offer this another case study, which is the flat belly fix, which is the offer in the clickbank.

And then there's another offer which is Lean Belly Breakthrough, which is also on Clickbank. So basically what he did was he has these case studies And he will provide all these students to the actual landing pages and the actual ads, the images, the campaign setup. So that's how it works.

So this is how it works, once you start setting up the Facebook ads, what happens when people click on the Facebook ad? They then go to a presale page, which is this pages righ here

 COMMISSION hero page


COMMISSION hero page


COMMISSION hero page


COMMISSION hero page


COMMISSION hero page






And when people see the piece page and they click the button, they then go to the offer, which is the affiliate link, which is going to be your affiliate link. And if people buy then you get the commission. So that's the simple steps that he's teaching. Right. So it's like a basic strategy now in stay the course. So let's go back to the course now. Couple of steps right there where he talks about how to find an image and then how to set up the lending base. Again, the landing big software that we use is called click finals. and how to set up the Facebook business manager, which is how to set up the ad campaigns inside Facebook. So he talks about that inside the course. So if you don't know how to run Facebook ads, you will be able to learn step by step inside. He's training how to how to run the ads, how to set up the images, how to write the copy.

And he also talks about the Facebook pixel and how to track the campaign, how to scale and all these different tactics. Now, the good thing about this, the thing that I'd like about this is if you go to the bonus area,click on bonuses, in. this area he called it million dollar landing page swipes,The presale pages. in this area not only will he teach you how to render the Facebook ads, He will also give you the presale pages,

He has another landing page, which is more for this is the page where the piece using seeing for promoting the flat belly fixed and the weight loss offers. And there's another page right there So once you become a member of commission hero you get full access to these landing pages. And once you click this, it will open up to a click finance account. And then once you opened up that click fund on this account, you will then be able to create your landing page, which is similar to these ones above, So if you don't know how to create this type of pages inside the commission hero, he will provide these pages for you.

And all you have to do is plug in your clickbank affiliate link in the button And then it goes to the affiliate offer,So that's how it works. The next thing that I'd like about this program,is tha he also  give away his ad copy and the the same images he is using his campaigns. He also gave these images inside to commission Hero. So the ad runs well. if you don't know how to create the start up Facebook ad, he will give you the text or the ad copy and he will also give you the images. you  can download the health and fat loss images and the way battery images in the members area And if you go to the webinar, one of the image that he actually use on the webinar or one of the image that he showed on the webinar is this image right here.

There is one image that he use And he calls this open loop. So basically, what happens when you create the Facebook ad with this image? This is an example of the image that that he used and that I am using right now. And it creates the curiosity, Because when you see this image on Facebook, you don't know what's happening. Right. So what happens? It becomes you become curious and you click on the image and then it takes you to the landing page. So where do you so show me an example of an ad. So there are many images that he supplied.  pretty much that's what you have inside the commission hero. So and this is really good because for the price that he gave. And again, the price is a one time payment of nine ninety seven or two payments of 597. So for that price, it's really good because he gave away the information and he it's pretty much a case study.

And again, the case studies that he will give inside the course are how to promote the easy battery campaign, how to promote the flat belly fix program, which is a clickbank program, and how to promote the lean belly breakthrough, which is another weight loss program on ClickBank. So that's that's what we have inside the commission hero. So I would say this is this is a good program. I'm implementing now what I've seen inside the program as well.

 So what I did was, I tested some of the these offers. I did something similar to what he's doiong So, again, going back to the blueprint. So Facebook ad presale page and the affiliate link. So this is how it works, So in real life, so you can get a better understanding of how this works. So this is one of my my Facebook campaign that I am running right now. Okay. And in this particular campaign, I am promoting the flat belly fix from ClickBank and I have these different ads. OK. And I'll show you an example of the ad that that I am using. this is the Facebook page. And I have this ad that says this two minute morning routine is better than Weight Watchers. Mayo Clinic diet and my fitness diet. Combine and watch the video here. So what happens here is people will see this on their Facebook news feed. So I'm targeting woman, right. And targeting woman age 30 to about 50 or 55. So they see this image. OK. So again, it's an open loop when they click this image. It then takes them to a presale page, which is this. Right. So this is the presale page. And then what happens when they click this button? So it says Free video reveals the two minute morning routine bettered and Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic diet and Jenny Craig. So people who are in these programs right here. They will.

They will realize that what I'm talking about is a weight loss offer. So I didn't mention any I didn't mention any weight loss or the word weight loss in the page. But for those people who are into these programs, they know that I'm talking about weight loss. So what happens when they click this button? It then takes them to dispatch with the affiliate link. OK. And obviously, when they watch this video and then they go to the next step and then they purchase. I will get the commission. so that's how it works.that's really how simple this strategy works. And that's what you will learn. And again, this is the blueprint of what you will learn inside Commission hero, because I purchased this program and I've been through the program and I was surprised because I'm already doing this. And the good thing about commission hero is if you are a beginner, he actually gave you the what works best for you three programs or the three offers that you can promote. So the easy battery, the flat belly fix and the lean barely break through. So these are basically case studies.So pretty much when you join commission hero, it's plug and play because you're right. Copying his campaigns. so that's the commission hero review. Now, if you decide that now that you've seen what's inside commission hero and what you would learn or what you can learn inside this program,  because I do believe in this product

 If you decide to purchase the commission hero program. Right. If you decide to purchase the commission hero program, which is you can either pay 997 or 597. If you decide to get commission hero, you can Click Here Now

 And I will also give you full access to my Facebook ads for affiliate marketing. So it's 497. But if you purchase commission hero, you see my link. I will give this to you for free. So now what's inside this course? So what's inside discourse is number one. I also have this case studies where I will show you how I made the forty eight thousand dollars we click bank. So if I go to the course curriculum, some modular one is how to create or how to use Facebook as virtually bank. So I also give you the case studies and then model number two. I will also give you a case study where I will show you step by step how you can earn up to nine hundred ninety seven dollars per day. OK. And then module number three is another case study. I will show you how you can earn up to 1000 dollars per day. And modular before is another case study where I will show you how to earn up to six hundred fifty dollars per day. So I have about 1, 2, 3, 4 K, so I have about 4 K studies inside this. Facebook has. As for our free left marketing course. According to this video that I would like to give you full access so you can also copy and paste the exact strategies and the SEC steps that I'm doing. So that is my way of saying thank you. So again, what I'll do is if you decide to purchase commission hero here. so now that you've seen my food review and now that you have seen what's inside. commission hero

 this is my commission hero review. And I do recommend this offer and I do recommend this product because this is talking about clickbank and if we like marketing, so not a lot of people knows how to properly promote ClickBank A we let my ClickBank affiliate links using Facebook. And fortunately, this is one of those programs out there that will actually teach you and give you case studies of but to promote and how to promote it properly using Facebook. So again, what I will do if you decide to get the commission hero review, I'll put the link in the description of this video purchase commission hero. And then once you purchase commission hero, I would like to personally give you my Facebook ads for our affiliate marketing program.

And I do hope that this article will help you get a better understanding of what's inside Commission hero and I do hope that you will take action and get commission hero.

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