Essay Writing Rules: The Commandments of Successful Writing

Essay writing rules can be compared to the Commandments from the Bible. This article offers you essay writing and editing rules that will help you to write an essay.


During six days, God was creating the Earth and everything living. On the seventh day, he took some rest and the next day he was ready to continue his work. Probably, the Lord was not so happy about the beginning of the new week because on this day he created essay writing rules you have to follow now.

Essay writing rules are seemingly unpleasant things but if you follow them, your life will become easier and essay writing will even become a pleasant thing. There are several commandments - essay writing rules. Observe them and you will become a student with excellent writing skills.

Essay Writing Rules (Commandments of Successful Writing)

  • Thou shall not steal. Never plagiarize! It is the first and the most important essay writing rule. You should steal neither words nor ideas of some other people. If you want to “borrow” them, you should carefully disguise them as your own. Paraphrase the ideas.
  • Thou shall do preparative work. This essay writing rule says that you should conduct a research for your essay. Study the relevant sources, use authoritative material for your research. 
  • Thou shall cite the sources properly. This essay writing rule states that you should follow the guidelines of the citation style required by your professor (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).
  • Thou shall not be subjective. This essay writing rule states that you should use third person while writing, only several types of essays demand first person narration.
  • Though shall omit slang expressions. This essay writing rule reminds you that essay is a piece of academic writing, it requires official language. 
  • Though shall proofread the essay upon completion. Do not be lazy, read the essay once again, you can find minor grammar mistakes.

How to Handle the Essay Editing

Essay editing is an important part of every student and expert assignment writers lives. This is an action that one has to make after writing an essay or a paper to make sure that it is error free. Essay editing would help in making your papers just perfect for submission. Here are some tips on how you can do the essay editing.

  • In essay editing, the first thing that you need to do is check your essay for grammar and spelling errors. Check your paper if there are errors in the subject-verb agreement and the tenses of the verb.
  • Another tip in essay editing is to check for the fonts, the headings, the page numbers, the margins, the size of the paper and the spacing used. Check if they comply with the required writing style. 
  • The next tip in essay editing is to check if you have the complete parts of the essay. Check your essay if it has an introduction, a body and conclusion. It does not necessarily mean that the essay will only have three paragraphs as the body can be more than one paragraph. 
  • Another essay editing tip is that you should check the flow of the paragraphs if they are logically sequenced.

These are just some of the basic things that you need to remember when doing an essay editing. This is an important thing to note to have an improved flow in your essay and for your essay to be free from the grammatical and language errors.

Essay editing should not be ignored because even though we thought that out essay is flawless, by carefully following these tips, you can still find some things in your essay that needs to be corrected to assure that the paper that you will be turning in to your professor is flawless.