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How was our most amazing top ten. How are you doing today. Well I hope. I'm Daniel Paul and honeys. Today's article is the top ten ways to become a billionaire. No I'm not yet a billionaire but trying out a few things on this list. I'm thinking it's only gonna be a matter of time any minute. Now. I guess if you're looking for a cheap way out you could always try out Number 10 which is marry one. Personally I wouldn't recommend it. I'd rather be making my own money. That said the quickest and maybe even the easiest way in terms of lack of graft and imagination is to marry a billionaire. Problem is is that most billionaires are sadly guys. So if you don't want to marry a man you'll have to work even harder. Also the average age of all billionaires is sixty three. So again some of them may already be married. Even if you do hit the golden Price who is to say what will happen if the marriage fails. If there are no arrangements made you could risk losing all your money which is like the biggest no no. For billionaires they want to hold onto that. Okay so let's get serious about this for a second. And at number nine we have study all self-made millionaires and billionaires all intelligent people. Do you need to know your area of expertise well like. Super super well whatever is getting rich is about knowing your field also usually becoming a billionaire requires swatting up on things like investments tax rates and dividends.

Lots of money stuff. We'll get to you later. Fundamentally though taking a few business courses can only help you in your quest in at number eight we have imagination and ideas. He got several types of billionaires pragmatist with business minds and dreamers. Usually it takes a combination of both of these character traits to make a real fortune. That said. I'm pretty sure that every billionaire got where they were today by dreaming big. Also of course that is the difference between getting rich and becoming a billionaire and that difference is usually imagination. Taking a business from one level to the next takes ideas and creativity. Okay next up a really important one for becoming a billionaire in at number 7. We have invent or create something being really intelligent imaginative and full of ideas is excellent. But you need to put all of your knowledge into practice. If you want to make the big bucks. Most self-made billionaires get where they are today by either inventing or creating something like Bill Gates with Microsoft and J.K. Rowling with the Harry Potter franchise. If you have a good idea. Stop thinking about it and start making it happen. Who knows you could end up being the next Mark Zuckerberg in at number 6. We have team up almost every single billionaire in the world.

We have collaborated with one person or another to get where they are. People simply cannot reach those kinds of crazy heights entirely on their own. Most people work with others in order to achieve that goals. Suck a bug worked alongside Eduardo Saverin Andrew McCallum Dustin Markowitz and Chris Hughes to create Facebook. Bill Gates worked with Paul Allen to found Microsoft and Steve Jobs worked with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne again. Even billionaires who appeared to do it on their own employ a staff to help them run that business. Building on from this idea of teamwork becoming a billionaire is as much about who you know as well as what you know. So coming in at number five we have networking skills the world of business is very much about networking securing deals securing funding marketing press public relations. These are all of the things that help in the quest to getting rich and a much easier to achieve when you already had a connection with someone coming in at number four. We have funding before you can make billions of dollars on your own. You will usually need money to get your idea off the ground. Being a small loan of a million dollars from your dad or funding from an invested party you'll probably need it. Usually well-off people perhaps even billionaires themselves are looking to invest in smaller projects as they know them likely to make a good return on their investments.

In at number three. Ain't nobody getting nowhere without this we have grinding. We mentioned that becoming a billionaire isn't easy and we will mention that yet again because it's true. You have to be so driven and so focused on one thing willing to put in the hours which are often very very unsociable and keep on grinding until you achieve your goals. Often this can mean that relationships suffer if people do not understand your drive. Becoming a billionaire takes sacrifice and you have to think about whether or not it is worth it. So after all of that grind and all of that sacrifice after hours of dreaming creating teaming up networking making building redesigning you finally start to get rich. How do most millionaires take it to the next level to become billionaires. Well by trying Alan number two point. That's right. Coming in at number two we have invest so many billionaires are in real estate and if they aren't they have good elsewhere real estate at the moment is profitable in lots of cities and locations around the world. A good investment would be placing your money in a growing area. Buying a house in an up and coming area buying land and voting property. Others invest in small businesses like we talked about earlier taking a 10 percent or so claim in a company in exchange for fronting them with the initial cash. This is all in the hope that that company will take off and make them even more money.

Many say that you have to spend money to make money and this is a general trend I see in most billionaires guys. If this all sounds a bit difficult. If you're kind of morally opposed to our number 10 points there is one sure fire easy way to become a billionaire and that is action thing. Our number one point which is moved to Zimbabwe. That's right. Billionaire millionaire. What does it even mean anyway. It's just a word. In Zimbabwe you could become a billionaire right away in that currency. In fact you can even become a trillion. Move on over matey Bill Gates. No time for you here. Have a look at this note for one hundred trillion dollars printed in two thousand eight. Not little baby would have got you forty American cents cigars that was our top ten ways to become a billionaire. Did you like this list. Let me know in the comments section down below. Also let me know what you would do with a billion dollars or pounds or Zimbabwe. Marks. That's what I'm going to go with. Ivan Rebecca fuck this been most amazing top ten. If you like this article I make sure you show me by giving us a good thumbs up. Sharing this article with a friend.