I am planning on not buying the sport this season and boycotting

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They are working at home at least until January 2021. Source: know people who work at the madden office. For Madden 22? Perhaps? Not getting my hopes up Madden 21 coins though. I promise it has empty phrases and bullshit. I really hope I'm wrong though but I doubt it. We are less than seven months away from the games launch right? What could they do last minute at this time? An easy win for them would be to roll out something just like 3v3 online franchise mode. They have already proven their technical abilities to achieve this with Squads. Guess what though, they won't or refuse to since 96 people playing a 3v3 connected franchise nets them extra dollars. They need us playing UT; bring your friends and your pockets.

Haha, it's a lot of fun but needing to do UT to perform squads sucks. I am planning on not buying the sport this season and boycotting until they put some effort into other manners. They've lost a super fan who's possessed both games every year return into the sega genesis days. Dont buy into this damage control statement, keep the media on, remember that they didnt bother to deal with much of shit during the dev of 21, a couple of weeks of incorporating shit aint gonna change anything.

It took them some time but EA did eventually mend starwars battlefront 2 after all the backlash. There is a chance they will react with actual change if we keep the pressure on. Thats because disney put the fucking clamps down to the scenes together with the community. No body fucks with the mouse and all of his assets. However, battlefronts issues were dealing with lootboxes which in the time were beginning to draw the ire of gambling lovers through many unique games even congress will start getting involved. Ea may have still put a campaign mode in but they more than likely would not have addressed the pay to acquire difficulty if it was only the fans getting involved. Right now for madden its predominantly lovers and youtubers pressing the problem with a few sports figures here and there.

I have not been stunned at anything in video games because the ending of the last of us 1. I honestly can't believe they actually confessed us. I am still very sure they will not add anything, but the fact that they even said anything at all is much better than what we had yesterday! Good start everybody, but we got much more expressing of opinions to perform if franchise will get to where it ought to be! The developers have always been in touch with the fans. That one dude (Rex?) Was always going off on Twitter. He stopped and cheap Madden nfl 21 coins came out and said the developers aren't in control, executives are. I have never noticed a developer, or community supervisor ever acknowledge the franchise community's annoyance. We've been ignored for decades, and it is evident by community frustration, and in the grade of the mode.


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