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Getting More Views On YouTube

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When you're creating YouTube videos, it is critical that you know how to hook your viewer and how to keep them watching, this will lead to more views and a greater impact with the videos that you're spending so much time creating. And in this video here in the media, we're sharing with you our think media video framework, as well as some mistakes you might be making right now when you're creating your YouTube videos and how to fix them. All that and more coming up. You got to just press record. Hey, I'm Heather from the Think Media Team. And today's video is brought to you by our free seven day YouTube influence challenge. If you're someone who wants to learn how to start or grow a YouTube channel, then this challenge is for you. You can get all the details on this free challenge happening soon at Tube Influence Dotcom. And this session today, we're going to be covering the think media content formula three ways to make your YouTube videos better and the mistake that you might be making when you start your videos and what to do instead. And, you know, when I think about creating videos, you know, I shared my story yesterday that four, four years ago, five years ago, I never thought I'd be creating videos. I never thought I'd be going live once a week to do trainings and coaching. I never thought that this was what I was going to do.

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But understanding the skills, understanding that video is the medium is the vehicle to be able to get my message out to the world, I had to just jump in and learn how to do it. And it reminds me of really it reminds me of making a cake. You know, when you're doing video, it really is about putting the right ingredients in the cake. You know, I love cake. Let me know in the comments. What's your favorite chocolate? You like vanilla? Do you like what's that other one. Fun fetti. You know, the fun pattycake. You like fun fetich. Tell me what your favorite cake is. I unfortunately can't have dairy and this is not at all what you needed to know, so we'll move on. But I normally can't eat these kind of delicious cakes. But I digress. Let's move on. All right. So making a cake requires the proper ingredients. It requires the proper ingredients and it requires skill. You know, when I make a cake, it does not look great. It doesn't come out like this. You know, this is a beautiful unicorn cake. We got a cake just like this for my daughter. When she turned eight years old, she was obsessed with unicorns. And so we did a beautiful unicorn cake. But if I were to make the cake, it would look something like this. Yes. Have you have you seen these cakes before? The fails? They've got the TV show.

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Nailed it. Well, this is what happens a lot of times when people are making videos, they see other content creators like Casey Neistat and Sean Carnel, the think media team and beauty inspiration. YouTube channels their gardening. I mean, they see all these people who are professionals making video. And when they do it, it turns out like this. And that's because there's a formula to creating great videos. And Tony just shared a really great tip, which was that you should be putting Viorel into your videos so that you can be more of a storyteller through a very simple educational video. And remember, we talked about this before prior planning prevents poor performance. But, you know, a lot of times it's not necessarily like, well, I don't really understand the things of the videos. And now we've gotten over our fears and we know that we need to just crush them. We need to start. We need to go all in. Maybe you've been creating videos for a while and you're just like, I just can't figure this thing out. And a lot of times when people are starting, what happens is they have this the fear of the gear. This was me. I had the fear of the gear when I got started. It was so hard for me to understand how to use cameras like this. Honestly, this, I will be honest, is still kind of a prop.

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I understand it's got a cool flip-out screen. You can connect some audio to it. I don't even know what this lens is. This looks really good on my shelf. That's where I was with video, had a camera, had the audio, had the lens, had the things, didn't make the video. Why? Fear of the gear. Fear of the gear. And this is where let me know when the chat is this where you are? Is gear not your thing? I know that Tony and Nolan and Omar and Sean and even Melissa, they geek out over this. This to me is like going to college for rocket science. This looks like to me. But let me know. Can you relate? I mean, I'm a very educated person. I'm a super smart person. Thank you. I'm just this is my humble brag right now. OK, but this right here, I know that Tony and Nolan and Sean and Omar and Melissa had told me what these things mean. Like, what does this mean? I don't I don't know. I don't know. But this held me back for so long, understanding that I had fear of the gear. That's what I had fear of the gear. And remember your first. Videos, they're going to be your worst videos, I know that you might be having fear of the gear and all you actually need. Let me go back. All you actually need really is this.

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You probably already have one. You've probably already spent like a thousand dollars on some type of device that's sitting right next to you. It's probably doing right now, too, if you've got notifications on. Don't have notifications on. All right. So you don't need fancy gear to make great videos. I mean, we learned in session number one that there are multiple channels right now that have blown up to over a million subscribers with just using an iPhone. You do not need to go out and invest a ton of money first to get a video out. Let me know in the comments section below. Do you already have a smartphone or do you already have a smartphone? Yes or no? I have a smartphone. I don't have a smartphone. Do you already have a camera, yes or no in the comments? Because remember your first videos, they're going to be your worst videos. And I am here to share with you that my first videos were my worst videos. Here I am. Yesterday, I talked about, you know, one of the mistakes content creators make is that they don't look at the camera lens. Look at that photo right there. Oh, all of its glory and fuzziness and out of focus. And where are my eyes? Not looking at the camera. Yeah. The first videos are going to be your worst videos. Check out that other one. I'm standing on a box.

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Why am I standing on a box in a very cluttered office? Because Sean is six-two and I'm five. So when we do training next to each other, I look like a child. So I have to stand on a box in order to be able to be closer to Shawn's level. So that's a box from Omar's garage. And you'll notice my hands. My hands are like right by my side. They're like that because my pit stains from being so nervous were giant. And I was like, if I move my arms right now, they are going to see my pit stains. This is the first time I did live video training. And I was like, I will teach like this. I will teach like this with my arms right here the entire time. Why? Because of my pit stains. Your first videos, they're going to be your worst videos. So just get over it. You're going to you're going to you're going to sweat. It's part of the process. Just know that it's happening. But here's what people ask. OK, so I'm ready to make my videos. I'm excited to make my videos. What camera do I need? Camera do I need to get started? And I want to share with you because we're talking about how do you get views? How do you get watch time? Will you have to understand the gear that you're using? You have to have some knowledge in some of the gear that you're using, whether you're starting with an iPhone, whether you're using a point and shoot or you're using a full-on camera with a flip screen.

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I don't even know what it's called. Is it a Destler? I don't know, Mirrorless. I don't know. We'll keep going. So we want to share with you, but I want to let you know that this evening, our next session, I want to just let you know that all of these handsomely striking men and that one female right there, we are going to be live tonight answering your questions. These are all things media creators that come with decades of experience. They have degrees in filmmaking and in communication, and they have created their own channels. They run small businesses. They are videographers, photographers. I mean, if you need a gear question answered, tonight is going to be your night. And if you want to know more about like how do we edit, how do we do all those things? Tonight's the night. Well, we're going to walk through that. So I just wanted to let you know that that is the session. Do you want to be with Tony and Nolan and Omar and Kyle and myself here on the media team? And it's going to be a great night with a lot of great discussions. But what camera do you need? Well, here's the thing.

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Most people ask, well, what camera do I need? And actually, there's more than just the camera. It's called a V.L. audio, video, and lighting, all three of these together actually produce great video. You can have just a camera. That's fine, but just a camera isn't actually all that you need to be creating. Great video. And again, the video does matter, like content is king, but it's got to be wrapped nicely in a package. You can't just throw out with some garbage video and expect that you're going to get lots of use and watch time. Now, we are here to help you with your learning curve. We are here to help you understand that it's more than just the camera. And again, all you need to get started is an iPhone, a smartphone, an Android, a five-year-old phone. It does not matter. A tablet, something that has a camera on it is what I need you to use to get started. And if you want to go up a level from there, you can go up to a nice point and shoot a camera. And what I like about this camera here, is the camera on the screen is it has a flip-up screen. If you're videoing by yourself, it is amazing to be able to know what you're videoing. The issue I have here, while it's great, it doesn't actually have a flip-up screen.

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And for you tubers for people creating content, that's a key to know what you're filming with. And so I would recommend a camera like this that easily fits in your pocket. You can you can shoot you. This is me trying to do a camera tutorial. Guys, this is horrible. I'm drowning, Tony. I'm drowning. All right. So just being open and honest with you, this is just this is my level. I am interested in this. And I will share all I can about this and we will move on. But if you want to know the top camera recommendations for any budget, think you're We've put that together for you so that we can walk you through depending on your budget and the type of camera we get asked all the time, what camera should I get? Should I get the M fifty or should I get the two? Should I use this Nikon or should I use this in every person's situation is slightly different? And so we've created an entire gear guide for you to walk you through our best recommendations for the most common uses of a camera when creating content for YouTube. So I definitely recommend writing that URL down, think gear guide dot com and that'll help you select your camera. But again, what camera do you need? The one you already have. Why do you need just the one you already have? Because you need to get started.

If you haven't started yet and you're waiting for the next upgrade, you're waiting for the things you are holding back on the message that needs to get out. Your first videos are going to be your worst videos, so let's get them out of the way. I'll just keep saying that over and over. And maybe you're already creating videos and you're like, OK, Heather, I'm past this. I understand that I have the right camera. Great. Well, let's walk into the next piece and the next piece is actually the lighting. It's I'm sorry. The next piece is actually the audio. The audio. The audio. Audio is actually more important than video quality. Audio is more important. The video quality. Write that down because most people think that it's all about the camera and really audio has so people will watch a poorly lit video. But when you can't hear, when it's scratchy when it's echoey, we tune out, we move on. We need to hear clean audio. When we're producing content, we want our audience to want that. So how do you get more watch time? Have good audio and you can do something as simple as a microphone for twenty dollars that can go right into your phone. It can go right into your camera. Very simple investment. Now right here is the Sure and the eighty-eight. That's actually the one that I am using, I'm using this year and be eighty-eight.

It comes with this little cover on it. So you can see there that there's that one. I have this one and I love it because it allows you just like that guy is doing, he's recording his family or you can turn it, you can record yourself. It's such a versatile microphone for your phone. There are also very simple ones that you can use a USB mic. So here I am creating a video for you and I'm using a webcam and I'm using a microphone. Now, again, if I didn't have this webcam and I was only using my laptop camera, I would still invest in audio because audio is the key to a great video. Write that down. Audio is the key to a great video. All right. So we've gone through a Vele. I think we should switch it. I know that that is like a term in the industry for cool people. I think it should be valid, don't you? Video, audio lighting. But I digress. I'm not the person that came up with the statement. I know it's like a real term in the world, so we're going to stick with it. A V l now we're going to head into lighting, heading into lighting. Let me know in the comments below, what lighting do you currently use? What lighting do you use when you're creating your videos? Do you use a ring light? Do you use soft boxes now?

Here's what I love. I love f r e I don't know about you, I have all for free. I am free. Beautiful lighting. And how do you get that? You sit in front of a window. It's that easy. How do you make your videos look better so people watch them longer? You sit in front of a window having great lighting right now. Right now this is man, I wish I could stand up and turn off the lights, but if I did that, you'd see I'm wearing sweatpants and I don't want you to see that. So the lighting on right now is directional and it's coming towards me. It's making my face glow. Are you not seeing this beautiful glow? It's happening because of the lighting. It's not. I mean, it's natural. But at the same time, this is a glow that's happening that is helping to illuminate my face. So we love to see people lit up. Hollywood, as you know, is so good at great lighting. And so we're just pulling off of that to make simple YouTube videos. And you could do that for free by just moving in front of a window. You can also do something very simple like this. So this is that same camera. We've added a microphone on the side and we've also added on just a cheap twenty-dollar ring, like having some type of lighting that illuminates your face, will help your video quality so much more.

You can also do something like this. This is sitting on top of a Sony. This is just a very inexpensive light that can really light you up. So if you're doing blogging or if you're if someone's filming you while you're walking, this is just a light that can help because you can't have these big giant lights all around. This is a great light to just have right in front of you. And we use this when we go into video shoots that are out in the city, we bring these lights because we want to still be able to point some direction towards the subject when we're filming. And if you want to check out over on the media, I'm actually just the model here. I did not do this video. Nolan, who went to film school and has worked on major TV productions and movie sets. He walks through how to do proper three-point lighting. So right now I have two-point lighting because I have one on the side and one on the side, and he'll teach you about that backlight and he'll teach you about some really cool lighting tricks that are over on the media. We'll make sure that that video gets to you in your follow-up email for today's training. But that'll help you to understand, oh, that's how you move the lights around.

And we'll also include how to do lighting if you're wearing glasses because if you see right now, I've got my glasses on and I'm doing my best to keep them without the shininess of the boxes. But here's my soft boxes. These are the two that I use. I move them around my room. My desk is off of the wall. And so I'm able to have these lighting boxes just right in front of me pointing to the side. But it's very simple. Remember, what are we going to do? We're just going to start messy. So if that means your smartphone on a pile of shoeboxes in front of a window and that's where you're starting, then that's where I want you to start. That's where I want you to start. All right. Now, like, how do you make videos, Heather? OK, we're getting into that. That's what we're getting into right now. Because when I asked this morning what are your struggles when it comes to making videos? Is it the technical side? Is it the content side? And I think eighty percent of you said it's the content. I don't know how to structure my videos. I don't know how to make them. I don't know how to edit them. What should I do? And so I want to share with you two videos that I want you to watch after this session. We'll make sure you get these links.

But I have a quick thirty-minute step by step tutorial that walks you through how to do it all on your phone, how to edit it on your phone, how to record it on your phone, the right settings you should have on your phone if you're using a phone to make your videos and so much more. How to do your thumbnails, upload everything. In thirty minutes you will know how to do a video. And if you're more advanced than a phone and you already have a beautiful camera and a microphone and all the things, and you are already using maybe a higher-end or a desktop editing program like Premier Pro or Wow, say that five times fast premiere pro or final cut. You can walk through Sean step by step tutorial and you get behind the scenes on exactly how he does a full video edit from start to finish. You can see how he's filming it and he gives so many tips and tactics on that video. Also how you should upload to YouTube and what file size and all of those things will make sure you get that video. So how do you make a video? You have to have the right ingredients. So now, you know, we know we AVL, right. Let's walk through it. We've learned AVL. We've learned that we need to have the right ingredients. We've learned that there are two other videos that you can go watch to learn step by step how to actually do the things like how do I edit? Like, what is the keys and what does it look like in premier and how do I do it on my phone? We've given you that.

And now we're going to walk through our think media content formula. This is a formula we use on every single. How do we get to a million views, this formula, how do we get to like four, 40 million views a month, this formula? Because we have the right ingredients, we have the right ingredients when it comes to this. And what is the magic secret sauce is you can use this for all types of video, whether it be training videos, whether you have any nesh this works for. This is a formula that you can use on your videos. And here's what it looks like. The think media content formula. You've got your hook, you've got your content and you have your CTA or your call to action, your hook, your content, your. All right, let's walk through this. We have the hook. The hook. What is the hook there, Will? The hook is at the very beginning of the video. That's what you say. That's what hooks someone in to wanting to watch the whole video. So we've already talked about you need to have a great title because they need to be able to discover you.

You should have a great thumbnail. If you've got the YouTube starter kit, you can dive into all of our best secrets and tips for how we make thumbnails. And so we've got our title, our thumbnail. Now we need to make sure that we hook them, they click on it, and they need to know right away that this is the video they need to watch. And a huge mistake that content creators make is they open videos like this. Let me know in the comments. If you watched the video like this video comes on, you click it. And so they go, hey, guys, thanks so much for being here. I know it's been so long since they made a video. I'm so sorry. And yeah, like I was with my dog and it was really fun. And anyway, today we're going to talk about that. Right? Have you have you're like you wasted three seconds of my life. Please don't do that again. OK, so that is not what a hook is. A hook is strong. If you've ever watched, I think, media video, you know that we're using a hook because you see the topic, you see the title, you see the thumbnail, you click on it and then we're like, do you want to learn how to edit videos on the premiere? And you're like, Oh my gosh, they read my mind. That's exactly what I needed.

I needed this video. You hook them into the content. So how do you get your click-through rate? You get someone to click, buy your title and your thumbnail. How do you get someone to watch you start with a great hook? Now, what does that look like for a great hook? Do you want to stop the scroll? Meaning they've done it, they've clicked on it. You don't want them to back out and keep scrolling. You want to stop the scroll, you want to grab attention, you want to grab their attention. Meaning you want to give them a problem or solution. You want to give them some way of authority showing that you know how to do this. You want to show quickly the before and after, just like Tony shared in that quick tip when he said we are using different types of shots to show what we're doing. Someone who is interested in understanding how to live stream would watch the videos, would watch that video. In my actual words that I'm saying I'm giving a problem and a solution so that they know that this is the video they need to watch to answer their question. And what's the point of the hook? The point of the hook. Let me go here. The point of the hook is actually to convince the viewer to watch the rest of the content. That's the entire point of the hook. So are you using hooks in your videos? Let me know in the comments.

Are you using hooks in your videos? And I want to give you a little bit of swipe copy, swipe copy means you basically fill in the blank. So take this. Screenshot this. Right. This down here is one thing you will hear us say a lot. I think media and you'll see a lot of our students in video raking academy say this as well. And here's what it is in this video. I'm going to show you how to link in this video. I'm going to show you why. Blank, blank. Why do we do that? Because we want to give them clarity on exactly what we're teaching. So for me, it would say for my homeschool channel in this video, I in this video, I want to show you how you could start homeschooling your kids without having to buy any new products. That's the hook. I'm telling you exactly what I'm going to teach them. It hooks them because now they're like, well, I want to know how to buy a home school without buying any products. That is called the clarity hook. All right. Moving on to the next one. The next one is called the problem. Solution Hook the problem. Solution Hook. Are you struggling with fill in blank wall in this video? I'm going to teach you I'm going to share with you. I want to explain how to or why or fill in those words.

But this is the problem. Solution. You want to identify the problem they're having. So for think media, are you struggling with getting views on your video? Well, in this video, I'm going to teach you my five-step process for not only getting views but actually increasing your subscribers at the same time. There you go. That's a hook. That's a problem. Solution hook. Now, every time you watch, I think media video or think marketing video, you're going to be like, oh, that's the hook I see. I see what they're doing. And that's what I want you to do because you need to. I do. Nephi, the problem and share how you are going to give them the solution. All right, that's the hook. Let me know in the chat right now. Give me a heart. Give me some thumbs up. Give me the heart emoji. Give me the wild face. Give me the emojis in the comments that this is the content you needed today, let me know. All right. We're moving on to the think media formula. We've talked about the hook. Now we're going to get into the content and then we'll cover the CTA. So the content, the content I want for you is here's the contacts, script and outline script an outline. Please write that down and circle it and highlight it and do all of the things, script, and outline.

Why do people fail on their content? They don't know what they're talking about. So you need to go into understanding the content with understanding. What are you going to talk about? What are the three points? What do they need to know? How long do you want this video to be really thinking about it? Right. Remember, prior planning prevents poor performance. So when we are here making videos, I think media, we go through a three-step process. We do a title process where we kind of brainstorm a bunch of titles. That's one part. Then we script the entire video. Now we don't do word for word. We decide what is the hook going to be. We know what that's going to be. What's the main content or we're reviewing a camera. Are we doing A versus are we sharing how to do something? What is the actual media content and what do they need to know? So we always put the needs to know in there. And then we also want to know in our video when we're scripting it, what do we want the call to action? Like, what do we want to ask them in the question for the Question of the Day? We always want to make sure that we're engaging our audience. And so we want to actually preplan those before we go into video and then we review the scripts. Now, if you're doing the solo, you should still review your script before you film your video.

Number two, you want to number your points in steps. This is a sign when you want to figure out how do we get people to watch the whole video? You give them how many steps or points or pieces of the puzzle when you start your video. So in this video, I'm going to share with you my three-step process. In this video, I'm going to share five hacks in this video. I want to share twenty-one ways, right. When you number things in your videos, people, one, understand that they need to stay because they want all twenty-one. If I, if I just said I'm going to share with you some of the ways, well you wouldn't, you would think how many. Some. I don't know. I'm going to share all. How many is all? So you want to actually number or make steps for your points and that'll help you also say structured in your content. And the question we get so often here at the media is how long should my videos be? Your videos should be as long as they need to be, but they need to be as short as possible, especially when you're just starting. And again, there is room for long-form content, which means videos that are like this, that are trading's and longer form and podcasts and those types of things.

But at the beginning, when you're just starting, what can hold you back is that it takes so long to get through the video, and then it takes so long to edit the video and then no one watches the full video. So let's make sure let's make them punchy. If you have ten, ten steps you want to share with someone, make ten videos rather than one video with ten steps. Make sense so you can get through that so much faster. All right. Those are the contacts for today. We have so many more contacts that I want to share with you, but I want to get through this material right now. So we've talked about the hook, we've talked about the content, and now we're onto the call to action. Seeta means a call to action in every single video. Do you want to tell people where to go next? What is their next step? This is a big piece that people miss. And when do you need a call to action? You can have it anywhere in the video and here at the media. And when we're teaching students how to do this, we say have more than one call to action, have a call to action to the same thing more than one time. Why? Because a lot of people don't watch the end of the video. But if you are the person that is bringing people to YouTube, they watch your video and then they click on the next one to go watch another video or they start going down that rabbit hole of bingeing content.

But you're the one that brought them to the video. You get credit for that on your channel. So when you are doing your videos, make sure that you have multiple calls to action. And these are not spammy. This is like smash the like and subscribe because I'm awesome. No, that's weird. That is, we are not those people. We're not we're not doing that. OK, here's what a call to action is. Hey, if you would like to go further and learn more about how to do X, Y, and Z, then make sure that you check out the next video, because I share X, Y, and Z, that's a call to action. You could do that up in the YouTube cards, right? You do. Cards are always. We're here or in the description below. Why are we doing that? Because we want to help people and educate people on how they can go to the next step. Now, if you are a business owner, which I'm hoping that you are, we want you to make sure you're giving away free value. So what's next? What's next is that you give a free download, that you can schedule a call, just like we showed Steve Pinetti, the real estate agent that's in Phoenix, Arizona, crushing it right now.

He doesn't have very many subscribers, but his call to action is, hey, if you're looking for a home in the Phoenix area, make sure to give me a call. And his phone number is right there at the very top of that video. So a call to action is always what is the next step in? A lot of times you will feel like, well, I don't I don't want to be spammy. I don't want to sell. I don't want to. Here's what I need you to realize. When someone spends time with you on a video like this, if they don't know what to do next, they won't do anything. It's true. If you don't tell someone where they should go next, they probably will just end the session with you, find something else. Well, if you say, hey, I am here to help, remember, we went through those terms last night. You don't have to be an expert. You could be a helper, a guide, a teacher, a best friend. Hey, for me, in my videos for home school, it would look like this if you really liked videos just like this and you want to learn how you can actually homeschool your kindergartner, then make sure to check out the next video that I'm just telling them exactly what to do next. If they have a kindergartener or hear think media, it could be just like this.

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