Notably, three of them are the work of Hollywood Principle

Notably, three of them are the work of Hollywood Principle

Rocket League has been one of the great surprises of recent years. A game that arrived making little noise and that, in a matter of months, managed to get a huge base of players who, even today, continue to enjoy the work of Psyonix. It is clear that the studio after the play tries to pamper the community as much as possible and, with the next update, they have asked the fans for help.

One of the changes that comes to Rocket League with the next update is the modification of the music that sounds by default in the game menu. To decide a new topic, those responsible for the game have published a survey on Twitter in which fans are asked to choose between four outstanding themes of the game's soundtrack. Notably, three of them are the work of Hollywood Principle, an electronic music group that integrates Mike Ault, sound designer at Psyonix. The fourth theme is the work of the Drunk Girl group. Then we leave the tweet in question with the survey in which you can vote and, if you are not familiar with the songs, you can access them through the videos that we leave below.

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