This trailer gives a sense of what's going on

This trailer gives a sense of what's going on

This trailer gives a sense of what's going on.Dropshot will launch for Rocket League on all platforms on March 22 and is free. It will arrive with several other changes that include new achievements and trophies, an esports content button, the conclusion of season 3 and more.

The soccer-meets-motorsport multiplayer phenomenon Rocket League is headed to China, in a slightly different configuration than we're used to. Developer Psyonix announced today that it will be released in the country as a free-to-play game, "to better suit the expectations of that community," and instead of Steam it's partnered up with gaming giant Tencent. "Though the core gameplay experience will remain unchanged, our traditional framework will be replaced with a new streamlined free-to-play system," the studio said. "In keeping with Rocket League traditions, however, the Chinese free-to-play version will not follow a 'pay-to-win' formula, and will instead hold true to our 'community first' mantra, where skill and teamwork are your most important attributes."

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