Check out the slideshow below to see them all

Check out the slideshow below to see them all

Charge your Proton Packs, because Rocket League's Haunted Hallows is celebrating Ghostbusters starting tomorrow! Get ready for Event Challenges that unlock themed items, and Limited Time Modes! Just make sure you don't cross the streams...

Once Haunted Hallows goes live, your Event Challenges will be available to complete. Just like Llama-Rama, completing each Challenge will unlock a specific Haunted Hallows-themed item, like the Ghostbusters Wheels, Slimer Topper, Mood Slime Boost, and more! Complete all the Challenges to collect the entire Ghostbusters set (sorry, no spores, mold, or fungus this time)! Check out the slideshow below to see them all. Plus, Golden Pumpkins can also be earned from Event Challenges and contain items from the Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator Series!

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