Vids and the Chronicle series are def the way

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The customer support people? Their department is organised wow gold as a way to minimize cost as WOW Classic. Dealing with this type of situation isnt something that they do. Blizzard of course is notorious because of this but in all honesty its pretty much every customer support section is structered now.Security via obscurity--the less information they provide about their methods (for instance, activities you didn't trigger the ban), the less info there is for people attempting to circumvent them. When it's worth it to do things such as this (or even if it works) is another matter, but that's what the companies believe.As A new player should I Perform WOW Classic to get the original story

Let me begin by mentioning am a returning player when cataclysm came out but for many functions you should consider me a new one considering. So coming back to it I want to get the full most narrative as possible ( yes am one of those individuals ) for this being said is the only way I'd like to find the first story is to play WOW Classic? You could find WOW Classic much nearer to this experience you had during Wrath/Cata, since they have made many QoL improvements. HOWEVER... Considering that WOW Classic doesn't insure Burning Crusade and outside, the encounter is much much much slower. Think of taking a vacation to a rural city after living in a metropolitan area. Everything takes more time to reach, things are slowed down, there's not a bunch of hurry for people/NPCs to get you exactly what you require.

Add in everyone else at precisely the same time, and that is probably pretty accurate of WOW Classic. The story is sort of a mess though. I would recommend reading up on it or watching some Youtube videos.

Kinda nuts is a bit of an understatement. Timelines in today's game are a clusterfuck. You'll start out from the south-west zones and a few weren't. That means you be in Cataclysm age in vanilla era and kinda. You'll zoom forward/backward to MoP or even Cata, then into Wrath or TBC. It will get somewhat more coherent after that, if you can predict the crazy retconning and alternative world bypassing of WoD and shoddy nonsensical"storytelling" of BfA coherent. They started placing plot points in books and other websites which means you're going to be missing out on a lot by just playing WOW Classic.

Vids and the Chronicle series are def the way to go if you'd like to acquire a semblance of a narrative from what because WOW Classic. WOW Classic, meanwhile, does have a narrative. It is more of a series of vignettes that flesh out the planet and its inhabitants. To put it differently, it's about worldbuilding, not storytelling. Vanilla kinda felt like a huge experiment with no singular concentrated direction. It was an opportunity explore each of the locations that are relevant and to run around in the world of their RTS games and meet a lot of such and the personalities.

You won't be horribly lost if you don't experience cheap classic gold going forward, although there are a few vital events to get a couple of the figures. Again, with following the story in the 13, the issue isn't that the storytelling is incoherent and disjointed, although that you overlook important things from vanilla. If you enjoyed WC3 and want to explore that world or in the event that you just like worldbuilding over storytelling (I really do, and again, I believe Blizz does a much better job with the bigger vignette style than simply telling a grand narrative), then proceed for Vanilla. If you would like to get the wide strokes of the major events throughout the history, read Chronicles.

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