NBA 2K players can be great

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Dunk competitions are tricky in NBA 2K MT Coins video games. The Guitar Hero controllers were kind of lame, and too much of a departure from NBA 2K's mechanic. A MyTeam iteration of this concept could be based on a point system which functioned more. NBA 2K players will essentially try to dip over props and life-sized cardboard cutouts of NBA 2K players. Clearing these objects would generate different point values depending on the size of the item. Also, there are points awarded for the difficulty level of the dunk. Again, a dunker could be your competition. This would be better as a one off against the CPU contest.

There was a tennis set called Virtua Tennis, and it used to have mini-games that challenged you to knock huge objects with your own serve. Gran Turismo had a manner where your objective was to crush a variety of contours for points. In NBA 2K21 MyTeam, it would be great to find an obstacle course with several targets. You'd have to use your NBA 2K player to dribble around cones, hit goals with moves, make threes, and also to eventually complete the course with a contact dunk via an explodable statue of an NBA great.

If you put this on a timer and then put it into split-screen while you raced against the clock and a CPU-controlled NBA 2K player, this could be another excellent wrinkle to increase the single-NBA 2K player MyTeam encounter. Besides gaining the sense for the NBA 2K players on your group, you'd also be able to make some MyTeam points for winning and scoring these competitions. This may also be fun in multiNBA 2K participant too. This is easy, but potentially a burst.

The purpose values and time limitation may vary by NBA 2K participant, and you need to only receive a maximum of 10 attempts. Each week, a new collection of NBA 2K players at the MyTeam mode could be designated as Beat the Clock NBA 2K players. If you've got them in your group, you can enter a BTC competition with the NBA 2K participant that will render a reward. If you're able to complete the BTC obstacle with every NBA 2K participant each week, then you unlock bigger rewards (large quantities of tokens, premium-gem NBA 2K participant, important MT bonus, etc..)

The Beat the Clock NBA 2K players can be great to Buy NBA 2K MT or horrible shooters with the time and point values changing so. The classic one-on-one battle has been in NBA 2K, but not in MyTeam. Imagine carrying our Pink Diamond Giannis Antetokounmpo and having it compete against a Galaxy Opal Larry Bird card in a game of HORSE. The CPU-controlled Bird would do move combinations like double crossover to some green-lit fade away, and you'd need to duplicate the sequence doing each move in sequence over a set time period.