How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

I'm going to be giving some tips on how to lose weight without exercise. I want to differentiate by exercise can be very important, but also how you can do it without it

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise


 As you guys can tell from the title of this article, I'm going to be giving some tips on how to lose weight without exercise because I have so many questions and so many of you guys saying you run out of time, you have a very busy schedule, you have a 9:00 to 5:00, you have all these things and you can't find time to exercise. And the big impossible feat either fit in or you're very, very exhausted a lot of the time. And although you guys know, very familiar with my weight loss journey that I actually ended up losing weight with Crossfade and exercising and developing my own routines and that type of thing. You guys know my fitness journey. But today I'm going to be giving you tips. You guys who can't exercise are basically answering.

Is it possible? Can you actually do it? And I'm going to be explaining this in full and can you actually do it without exercise and how to do so? So without further ado, let's get into the tips.  I have now lost 30 pounds. You've seen this entire journey. I've documented it for you all the type of things like that. And I've got so much more to document with you guys for the rest of my weight loss journey as well. However, one of the things is a lot of people will tell you that you do need to incorporate exercise. I want to differentiate by exercise can be very important, but also how you can do it without exercise. It's No. One thing is weight loss ends up being 80 percent down to food. So when you hear people in the gym 24/7 jimmying, doing exercise, quite frankly, a lot of it will be because of the food that they're eating so they can actually end up still achieving the exact same weight loss results.

The catch is when it comes to eliminating exercise, the only cut is your weight loss is going to happen a lot slower. That is the only cut the mustard. The fact is, 80 percent of your weight loss is because of the foods that you're eating. Even if you went to the gym 12 hours a day and eat huge amounts of donuts, burgers, McDonald's, your weight loss may be possibly happening in the exception that you're working 12 hours a day, but it's going to be so slow you'll probably lose six pounds by the end of the year. That is basically impacter.

Exercise has it's basically just going to speed up your weight loss process than that. Your weight loss process comes down to calories, investors calories out. And because your food drops, if you've gone from eating McDonald's and junk food every single day, you're probably eating about 3000 calories when you go down to a weight loss or let's say 2700 calories. When you then go down to weight loss, you're going down to one thousand two hundred calories just as a normal average. That's the average that ends up being recommended. 1200 calories be a massive drop is the realness of where your actual weight loss comes. The extra 200, 400 calories that you burn a day is way less than this amount that's being taken away by the food. That's where the 80 percent actually ends up coming from there. Only that is because of the way that your body works.

 It works better on hormones, digestion, constipation, dare I say, metabolic rate. Those are all Catalysts. Along with so many others that come down to the foods that you're eating, the better nourished your body is, the faster these things are going to work. Exercise, it doesn't matter how much exercise you do. These things don't necessarily always get affected or help. I just exercise in crazy, crazy, crazy amounts. Your food is everything. So go back to the calorie deficit. Three thousand five hundred calories equal one pound fat, three thousand five hundred calories. So when you're creating that jump from two thousand seven hundred, for example, to 1200 each day, you're shredding more and more to build up to that three thousand five hundred calories. I don't give you that one pound of weight loss.

So when it comes to can you lose weight without exercise? Yes. And it's so important to master this before you even go to the gym and start running or walking on the treadmill for half an hour every day. And the reason why I even emphasize why it's so important to know this is because when I had my yoga dieting phase, I was going to the gym every day, going on the treadmill for an hour, walking, running my name on the treadmill for an hour. This was not moving anything. This was not doing anything. And I tell you, I probably lose if I'm lucky, one pound a month if I'm lucky. And this is me going to the gym all the time.

So when it comes to your food, your food is going to be everything. Next, I'm going to go into some tips that also add to this that isn't just based on this method of three thousand five hundred calories, but things that you can do really is with no exercise. So you've got a busy nine-to-five schedule. I've got Universo. I work nine to five, so food can be everything for me because I do work out and exercise every single day, but should I not, it's going to come back down to my food. So what are you taking to work? What are you taking to university? What are you taking to school to eat?

This is going to be very, very important because when you're looking at no exercise, your nutrition is now going to mean is going to be everything. Now you're going to want to look at your fibers, your proteins, your food categories, your food groups. A lot of you guys told me that you're in a calorie deficit and you're still not losing weight. A weight loss is calories in versus calories out. That is how it works. Your body is deciding or redesigning or doing whatever it wants to do, whatever it wants to do, and just not allowing you to see a drop in the scale. It is just that calories in versus calories out when you're looking at your nutrition. There are some things that are going to help you in terms of feeding your metabolic rate to work better, feeding your metabolic rate to work faster, feeding your muscles in order to adapt and grow the muscle tissue muscles, also going to burn fat even in your sleep.

So basically generating and moving the stuff when your body that does these digestive processes to push everything out because perhaps in a deficit, but nothing is being pushed out and nothing is being burned. So your nutrition ends up being everything. My fitness pals are a fantastic app to use. If you really want to start seeing how much carbohydrates you're having a day, how much fat are you having a day, how much proteins are you having a day, and calculator all down to the nearest gram have a set goal of how many carbohydrates proteins that you're eating as a proportion of all these food groups they should be aiming towards every single day or perhaps every two days without being over an extremely strict Do-It-Yourself. It's so important to understand weight loss is more than just calories, which is why other macro calculations, as opposed to calorie macros, expend so much more.

A chocolate bar, maybe 120 calories. But you know the fat and carb content it's going to be out in this world, let alone even getting to the sugar content. That is going to be a huge determiner of when you actually see results if your body is shifting. So remember, macro's another tip for losing weight without exercising. It's going to be your portion size and you can have too much healthy food. And although you feel like you're in your calorie deficit, remember, your macros will also come in because if 900 of your 1200 calories is a sweet potato, that is going to give you a very different result to having a tracked amount of carbohydrates.

You're actually consuming a day, having balanced that nine inches of sweet potato probably could have been broken down into three days and exchanged the excess of the 900 for other healthier options. So, again, what are your 1200 calories containing? Because the people who tell me that they're doing a deficit are not seeing changes. What are those four thousand two hundred colors you're eating? Because, again, that is so much more important than just feeling like you're on 1200 calories. And that is that you're living like you're doing good. Watch what I eat these days.

I've got so many what I eat for days on my channel, Pinteresque, healthy food ideas, healthy food options and replicate those and adapt them to your heart's content. But remember, what are those 1200 calories and not enough people emphasize enough because you can have one thousand two hundred thousand McDonald's and feel four for the rest of the day. Are you going to lose weight? Yeah, it's going to be a very tricky one. Very, very tricky one. And again, it comes down to how your body feels in the digestive system after eating that food. Is it going to be able to break it out? Yeah, not as much if you have enjoyed this article and how to lose weight without exercise and you've processed a lot of these factors, but it doesn't come down to solely exercising.

And if you do have a busy schedule that you can still fit these things in, you can still do this. I have in the past before I had my successful weight loss journey, I just ended up giving up before. But we are successful now that I lost like over ten pounds, just doing food-wise alone without any exercise at all very recently reincorporated exercise because exercise basically exercise speeds up, speeds up the process crazily. But you know, the process wouldn't even be there without your food. And that is why we always emphasize the bulk of it is your food. And that is just that exercise is just a bonus as the incentive is the added extra.

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