The Best Locks for Protecting Your Bike

The Best Locks for Protecting Your Bike

The Best Locks for Protecting Your Bike

MORE THAN TWO million bikes are stolen every year in North America. Somewhere between 2 to 5 percent of them are recovered.Get more news about Brass Padlock Bunnings,you can vist our website!

It only takes a few seconds to lock up a bike when you dip into a café or stash it for the night outside your apartment. Most thieves are opportunistic and will go for the bike that looks easiest and quickest to steal. For that reason, parking a bike alone in a secluded area—even with a great lock—is risky. But any lock is still better than no lock, as long as you use it right.

These are the best bike locks I've used while reviewing electric bikes at WIRED.
This is my lock of choice. The revised New-U version has a 16 millimeter-thick U that locks into the cylinder on both ends, so a thief would need to grind through the lock twice, doubling the time spent hunched over a wailing angle grinder. It comes with an adjustable strap bracket that mounts on any tube of your bike, so you can easily mount the lock while you're riding, and it weighs 4.5 pounds.

The New-U Evolution Mini-7 locks in two places in the key cylinder, so it'd require two cuts by a bike thief to break through it. The tubes are 13 millimeters thick instead of the Kryptonite New York's 16 millimeters, and being a "Mini," it has less space inside the "U," but the included cable makes it easy to also lock up your front wheel without carrying a second lock, for extra security.

The Steel-O-Chain 9809 strikes a good balance at 140 centimeters long and 6.8 pounds, while also being pretty secure with its 9 millimeter-thick square chain links. Like all bike chains these days, the links are wrapped in a fabric tube to keep from scratching the finish off your bike.

The Hiplok Gold is a 4.8-pound bike chain that doubles as a belt. There's no need to wrap it around the top tube of your frame. As long as you have a 30- to 44-inch waist, just adjust it to fit and wear it while you ride. And when you're ready to lock your bike, the chain attached to the belt is quite secure. Here's a video showing how it fits/works. The bike lock itself is 33.5 inches long, a little short, but it should work in most situations.

Hiplok's strongest U-lock doesn't need to be mounted to your bike when you aren't using it. It has clips that let you hook it over a belt or a backpack strap. It's 14 millimeters thick and weighs only 2.4 pounds, but that's because it's a very small "U"—2.8 centimeters shorter than the already-short Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 and 5.3 centimeters shorter than the Kryptonite New York.

Kryptonite's Evolution Series 4 1090 was a fine chain, but the Abus I picked as best chain hit a sweet spot in length, security, and weight. The 1090's 90 centimeter length was a bit short, especially when a chain lock's main advantage over the U-lock should be a greater reach.

The Evolution Series 4 1016 has the same 10 millimeter six-sided chain links, but is 160 centimeters long, closer to the Abus' length, and 3 pounds heavier.

More U-Locks
Abus' Granit XPlus 540 was also a fine U-lock, but its metal "U" was only 13 millimeters thick compared to my top pick, the Kryptonite New York's 16 millimeters, although it was lighter at 3.3 pounds.

The Abus 770A SmartX U-lock incorporates a 100-decibel alarm that detects tampering and unlocks through your iOS or Android phone, but it retails for up to $279 and its "U" was also a little thin at 13 millimeters.


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