Paint Stripping Auckland

Our dedicated team of professionals have been providing paint stripping and other paint services Auckland-wide for more than 25 years. With our focus on high-level safety and attentive customer service, we offer a full range of custom paint stripping and restoration services for both comme

Almost everyone would agree that painting is the best way to breathe life into furniture or other items in need of restoration, and they also agree that painting these items requires a lot of preparation, which essentially involves peeling off. This is not an easy task as most people find it time consuming and also a little tedious. People generally use traditional paint stripping methods. Some of them are effective but harmful to the surface.

 If your paintwork is no longer appealing due to cracks, flaking, color fading, etc., the surface can be repainted. Before fresh paint can be applied, the surface must first be prepared and subjected; if the old paint is not removed, buildup may appear that will affect the appearance and adhesion of the paint. Various stripping techniques can be used and performed to remove paint, so Paint stripping Auckland will be best for you. For the job it would be helpful to use the most appropriate technique or combination of techniques.Sanding is a paint stripping method best for removing paint from a flat wooden surface. There are mechanical or hand grinders that can be used for this method.Sandpaper can also be used. If you want to remove as much paint as possible without scratching or scratching the surface, you can use an electric orbital sander. Abrasive tools can be bought at hardware stores and centers. Electric sander cannot achieve the use of sandpaper to work in these areas. Vacuum and dust before applying sealer or stain. 

Heating is another method of removing paint. An electric heat gun is used to work with the old paint that needs to be removed. This method is perfect if you are looking for an effective method and have plenty of time to paint, Paint stripping Auckland will help in this also. This method is pretty safe, but it would be best to have a water spray bottle on hand. Care must also be taken to keep the flame moving to avoid damaging the surface. Make sure the areas are properly sanded after the paint is baked with the application of heat.With this method, you can apply the paint immediately, as the peeled off area no longer needs to be dried. If heat can be used to remove paint, so can chemicals. Chemical stripping is actually a popular method of removing paint, is done by Paint stripping Auckland and they are best in this field. This is perfect if you are looking for a simpler, more effective method. Just follow the instructions that come with the chemical stripper.Usually it comes down to cleaning the surface with the chemical and the chemicals will do the job for you. The chemicals break and break the bond between the paint and the area below. Chemicals reach even smaller and more detailed areas. 

The paint can then be easily removed with a cloth scraper. However, this process can be quite complicated and risky as chemical strippers are generally toxic, but Paint stripping Auckland easily does this work. The work area must be adequately ventilated. You should wear protective gloves on your hands and a respirator so you don't smell the chemicals. However, you can buy and use some safer brands of chemical strippers.These chemicals are known to be non-toxic and safe for the environment. The chemical stripper must be neutralized by washing the surface with water or turpentine. If the surface to be painted is made of metal, e.g. auto parts, sandblasting is a suitable technique. A high pressure sandblast gun is used. It's effective, but messy. It's a slow process. but without physical exertion.