I think it could be well done and received by the community

I think it could be well done and received by the community


I think it could be well done and received by the community, if jagex implemented all of this to a brand new ability. I think hallowed sepulchre is a RS gold model of how content that is skilling should be designed by them. The XP rates should be lower or equivalent to meta training, but also make it enjoyable and engaging to do. Since I could enjoy the sepulchre for one hour, I would much rather do runs than seers in 50k at xp an hour. People so often get mad at removing"the grind", but it is still gonna taken dozens of hours to maximum a skill with participating content if you create the xp rates exactly the same as current training procedures. The grind will actually be a match rather than spam clicking.

Imo you have it backward. Sepulchre should be in xp or xp than meta as a result of clicks and attention demanded. Enjoyment shouldn't be a factor. End game bosses require large attention for benefit. The same is required by sepulchre to get a reward compared to afk path. Agree with the philosophy, although I think sweaty people whine when new coaching methods come out there are meta xp rates, so it's probably difficult to pass changes that surpass current training methods. And a gp component is we're ignoring in this. Sepulchre makes more cash so that should be accounted for in xp prices.

At a loss for what to do next in OSRS?

I left an account of a month ago. Since I began, I've been after this quest manual. So basically, I can use the spirit trees, gnome glider, and between those and my Varrock tele, house tele, and ring of arriving, I've managed to maneuver around the map quite comfortably. However, I'm kind of bored with only running quests and want to try something different for a small change of pace. For reference, these are my stats, and I have already knocked out the Falador and Varrock diaries that are easy. Given my current skill levels, what could you guys recommend? Any tips on making gold will be nice. I feel as though I could be making more doing something different although I've just been spinning flax in to bow series.

A frequent pitfall that many players face when playing is they either do not set their own objectives or follow someone else's aims even thought they might not align with what they want. Just think about what you want to do you want to cheap RuneScape gold perform Raids, perhaps you wanna complete the Inferno, your aims is dependent on what you want to do. Do not grind shit in RuneScape since it's there. You don't need to finish diaries or quests you won't use as a manual says so or don't like or because they're there. Like you have ta stop for a second and think why do you do what you're doing.