Wired gaming mice: which one is better to buy? Tips and Recommendations

There are many gaming mice on the market, with options for all types of users, tastes, needs and budgets. And in general terms, we could differentiate them into two large groups, in relation to how they connect to our gaming equipment: wired mice and wireless mice.

When it comes to gaming, one of the most important peripherals is the mouse. And it doesn't matter whether we are PC or video game players; The latter support the keyboard and mouse in their most recent models, making life easier for us when playing certain titles.

And although in this sense it can be used with practically any mouse on the market, if we want to take a leap in quality and obtain the best performance from this peripheral during our gaming sessions, it would not hurt to get a model specially designed to play: a gaming mouse. Here you can check the gamer anime

There are many gaming mice on the market, with options for all types of users, tastes, needs and budgets. And in general terms, we could differentiate them into two large groups, in relation to how they connect to our gaming equipment: wired mice and wireless mice.

We recently talked about wireless gaming mice, we saw what aspects to take into account when choosing one or the other, and we collected some of the most interesting models that we find in the market today. And now it's time to do the same with the mice to play with cable. Because although broadly they have many similarities, they vary in certain details that it is always good to review.

So, next, we are going to see those aspects so that our purchase is as successful as possible. And, later, we will see some wired mice ideal for playing highly recommended so that we are the type of players that we are, we see our needs covered with them. Let's go there!

Wired gaming mice: things to consider

1. Connectivity:- The great differential point of these mice, in addition to the fact that they are designed to play (which does not mean that we can use them for many other tasks) is that they are connected by cable. Years ago this was an essential requirement if we were looking for maximum performance. Fortunately today, technology has advanced enough that we find perfectly solvent wireless mice. But if we are here it is because we are behind a wired one, right? So we must bear in mind that practically all mice today are connected via USB. So with having a free USB port on our console, gaming PC or laptop we can install them without major complications.

2. Cable size:- The fact of having a cable can make us feel limited when using our mouse. Basically, because of the length of it. Because it is not the same to use it near our equipment (such as on a PC or gaming laptop) than far away (which is usually the most common case of video consoles). So before we get hold of a mouse or another we must take into account the distance at which we stand with respect to our team, to prevent us from realizing after the fact that we have fallen short. Tellthebell

3. Ergonomics:- The way we use the mouse is extremely personal. So much so that there are very different models to cover all kinds of needs. In addition to the size of each mouse, an aspect to be assessed according to the size of our hand, there are broadly three ways of using it: with the whole hand resting on it, grasping it only with the tips of the fingers and in the same way but with the fingers. bowed index and heart. As we say, this is something personal and we will have to be the ones who decide what type of grip we feel most comfortable with.

4. Number of buttons:- As the use that we are going to give above all to our new wired gaming mouse is to play, it is quite necessary to have the more buttons, the better. And although this is something that largely depends on the type of game we usually play (because a simulator is not the same as an MMO), it never hurts to have a good handful of buttons at hand that make life easier for us. gaming sessions. This is something that manufacturers take into account, so that practically any gaming mouse that we see will already have some additional buttons in addition to those strictly necessary (left click, right click and scroll wheel). So with these basics, plus an extra couple of them in the left or right area (depending on whether we are left-handed or right-handed), we will be covered in most cases.

5. DPI number:- The DPI (dots per inch) figure is one of the most important aspects of a good gaming mouse. In short, the higher this number, the less movement we will have to make with the wrist to move the cursor around the screen. And for different types of games we may need different settings. That's where high DPI gaming models come in; Through the associated software that they usually bring with them, we can establish it as we feel most comfortable. And even these mice usually incorporate a button exclusively dedicated to changing the DPI between the values ​​that we have preset on the fly, something super useful in certain titles.

6. Design and RGB:- Finally, an aspect that will not make us win games but that we must not ignore is that of design. At the end of the day, the mouse is a peripheral that is usually visible, so it would not hurt to get a model that is visually attractive and that fits wonderfully with the rest of our setup. Especially since everything associated with the term "gaming" is characterized by aggressive, striking design lines that do not go unnoticed at all (although there are some fairly discreet models, incidentally). What inevitably happens by the presence or absence of RGB lighting; Loved by many and hated by others, it is another variable that we must take into account when buying a gaming mouse.

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