Playing on humankind's shortcomings is rewarding

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They literally only re-upped the contract this spring. They'e not"stepping " They're fine with it. So that being said, EA paid something like $1.5B to get that contract? Because that's their fastest avenue to profit and ROI, from a company perspective, all their resources are sinking to MUT. Provided that players keep dumping cash into MUT cards else will be said by them. NFL already got paid so what do they care now. Even if 80% of their fan base needs franchise mode and single player upgrades, if we just invest $60 base price for Madden 21 hence represent 20 percent of the earnings. guess what? Another 20% of individuals represent 80% of Madden nfl 21 coins their revenue because they are spending so much on card packs. It's not about the vast majority of people, it's about the majority friendos, of the profit pie graph.
Yup. The only alternative I can see would be to boycott Madden 21, but realistically that will not happen. The sad thing is it's young kids that are addicted to spending money on MUT to buy packs, where they may or may not get something good. It is actually gaming. The UK seem to have awakened to this, let us hope whoever regulates EA and Madden does. But as I said, money makes the world go around, so I am sure a blind eye will probably be turned.Yes, I'd say our greatest chances of things changing is to view loot boxes (card packs) banned in some fashion. The US has been more lenient and EA's contracts with other exclusive rights and all the NFL is definitely based.
Out of curiosity rules surrounding MUT Packs compare to matters like Pokemon/YuGiOh/Magic card packs. One can be owned, and isn't inclined to be rendered useless/worthless in 12 weeks time. But only got me thinking, since I recall spending idiotic money on card packs as a kid hoping to acquire a holographic or rare card. Or I figure to maintain in the distance would something be a much better comparison? I don't have experience with this match, but from my understanding the exact same premise of purchasing digital booster packs in hopes of grabbing a rare card exists.

Not sure but I think card packs could make them but there is still a gaming facet to it. If they integrated soccer collectibles coordinated with Topps or a different card manufacturer that would legitimize it 21, I think. I'm not completely sure how all that works, I understand in UT it is really just people who would like to pay for that extra edge to win matches online and EA preys on this desire.
I work in the IT industry and if I step back and look at a few of the products we encourage I can inform you that it is. Our firm lays out the resources to projects where the product is the most revenue generating, irrespective of whether that product is sensible to direction or is something that they believe strongly in support of. Employee assistance programs are great resources for individuals and we sink resources because they simply don't generate earnings. I'm sure the approach is like EA and that I can not say I blame them if I think that it's ultimately in poor taste and bad for their fan base to rope people into gaming cycles. But, I think squads was fun AF and I also thoroughly enjoy blackjack at the casino. As far as I disagree sometimes I am as much part of cheap Madden 21 coins the issue as anybody else. Playing on humankind's shortcomings is rewarding.


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