How To START Blogging With $0 and Make $3000+ Monthly

looking for the simplest and easiest way to start blogging for free? this article will explain everything you need to get started, the free blogging, free traffic to your articles and many more


How To START Blogging With $0 and Make $3000+ Monthly

are you a beginner looking for a way to start blogging business or are you looking for a place to post your articles and start getting visitors to your website?

today I'm going to share with you how you going to start blogging without spending any money, some people found it so difficult when handling their blog, doing a lot of things to make things work for them, but they found it very difficult...... because its complicated to make their website look good for their visitors,

but today I'm going to show you how you going to start blogging without having your own website, without having a hosting, without designing and creating your logo which will take you a lot of time and money to do, so let's Get Started.

1. you need a niche. what is niche? niche is what you are going to be writing and teaching to the people to your visitors that coming to your site you can call it guide, you can call it tutorial, you can call it course but these should be something you love something you like to do, something that you are inspired with

2. you need a blogging platform, what is blogging platform? a blogging platform is where you will publish your articles so that your visitors will read your articles and also the place where you will advertise your offiliate offers so that you will earn commissions for your promotion for the company you want to run affiliate program with.

3. how to get the article to post to this free blogging platform? ok I'm going to tell you more about this this, article must not write by you you must not know everything you write on your blog,
you can outsource your writings, you can write it by yourself it left for you, i outsource most of my writings on my blog and I Focus for other more important things and helps me to make more and more profits and give me more space to know other things that I need to do because I handle a lot of blogs.

So in this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can get articles free or outsource them with sheep price.

you can use this free tool from, this tool will allow you to generate unlimited articles that you can post on your blog, when you go to the website it will show you make it unique or keep it original if you want to make it original its left for you but Google will not rank you because your article is not unique but if you want to make it unique you can use their premium which you can only pay $4 per month so with $4 per month you can be able to write a lot of articles generate a lot of articles for your blog another way you can get article for free which is it going to be your own little work is to use a Google tool call Google translator,

Google translator is a tool that will help you a lot writing your articles what you need to do is when you generated original articles and then go to the Google translator tool and click the voice icon and start saying those words in your own language start saying things on the Google voice and you can see that article will write itself in a matter of minutes and this article is unique and Google will love to rank your article on search engine.

You can also outsouce your articles very cheap on iwriter, i have used iwriter several times, i will share with you how you can get cheap quality articles on iwriter. Use this formart below when purchasing any article on iwriter.

"PLEASE IMPORTANT: This is NOT an SEO article. Please don't focus on keyword desity and just write naturally

"How to start a youtube channel: Create a profitable youtube channel for beginners" Is the title of the article. Please focus on technigues and strategy.

Use credible sources and just write naturally

Please list your sources at the bottom of the article


The articles MUST be unigue and original. it will be thoroughly checked for scraping and spinning"

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now that you have known what you are going to be blogging about and how you can get your articles it's time for you to know where to publish these articles.

so now I'm going to show you this free blogging platform which is very flexible and simple that will help you to do things very easily, just open account publish your article put your tags and that's it and Google will find your articles and rank them.

I will also show you how you are going to drive more traffic to your site, you must not wait for Google to rank your site before you can get traffic. so let's get started.

we are going to use this website called wozyzy, is a social network but you can also do a lot of things with this website you can chat with the website you can connect with people you can do a lot of things in it but what I love a lot is that I can publish any type of articles in the website, I can place any type of promotion on my articles, I can post put any type of links on my articles, I can do anything and that website it's a very nice place for you to get started as a beginner.

if you are a beginner in blogging business I think this is the place where you supposed to start with because blogging is not what you going to expect something to happen overnight but with this process i'm going to show you in this article you can be able to start seeing results in few weeks and months depending on your own effort.

now go to and go to create account

blog account

after you might have created your account look by the side and you will see an icon blog

free blogging

click on blog as you can see everything looks so simple

create free blog

you don't need to upload any plugins you don't need to design any logo you don't need to do any other things just put your article put your images put your meta description put your tags and publish simple.

free blogging platform


another thing you can do here on this website is that you can also publish news articles, yes! you can publish news on any topic, you can publish entertainment news, sports news all this news are going viral and it will help you drive many traffics to your blog and it will give you very opportunity to advertise your affiliate links and it can be able to help you earn more commissions when people visit your affiliate links.

publish articles for free

So now that you have published your articles what next? publishing articles doesn't end there yes Google can send you traffic but as a beginner and new to this blogging business Google will not send you a enough traffic that will earn you money, so what are you going to do?

what you will do is to creat an account on, Pinterest is a very large social network that can help you pin your image in every images from your website this social network Pinterest is a very big place where you can get a very powerful huge amount of traffic to your blog to your articles, so many people do not know this but a lot a lot of bloggers have made it so big with the traffic driving from Pinterest so how are you going to tap from this goldmine.

this is what you going to do with Pinterest to be able to generate unlimited traffic to your Articles. with this process I'm going to show you how you can be able to generate unlimited traffic to your articles and blogs.

go to and create account according to your niche if your niche is weight loss make sure your username and the description of your account is contain weight loss fitness keywords something of that nature to make things very easier for you, look for users in your nice, look for ones that you know that have more followers...

this shows that they are doing well look at their username and description and mimic them do not use exactly what they use but mimic, use their key words so you can be able to get traffic too, so after you have created your account,create your board, your boards is the place where you will be publishing your images according to categories, so your boards should be different names but will relate to what you are publishing on your blogs, so after creating your board then you can now start creating pins inside your boards, after creating pins inside your board make sure you use a very quality design on your images so that it will attract people to visit your site so after publishing your pin you can now start following people so that people will follow you back.

the best tool to make this faster for you is called ninjaPinner, ninjapinner will help you follow people who are interested in your niche according to your settings in the software, it will work for you 24 hours a day and you don't need to do it by yourself or you can do it manual if you have the time,

Another tool is tailwind, tailwind is another powerful tool that will help you to do a lot of things in your Pinterest account it will help you to schedule your post for appropriate time of your visitors to visit your blog, it will also help you to grow your followers, help you to join groups on Pinterest so these groups will help you to repin your pins and repin their pins and this will bring you more exposure in your business

another place you can get traffic is from but the best platform with my expriece that can generate you put together all this traffic is Pinterest, focus on Pinterest so you can be able to start earning very fast. my advice I want to give you today is that you need patience consistent and believe in yourself that you going to make it,

do not give up because good things never come so easy bloggers that making it today passed through what you going to pass through from today, as a beginner you need to be patient and love what you're doing take it as fun and continue going continue publishing articles continue pinning your images on Pinterest share your works on Facebook and you can be able to grow and when people love what you say what you published they will petronice.

thank you for Reading, if you have any question or anything you will add to this guide please comment below thank you